Hello, world!

This is alexandros, a web application developer living in South Greece. I am currently into Ruby on Rails, tacos and house music

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Work for fun and profit

  • Rambler
    A collection of sayings, quotes and random words of wisdom. check it out
  • SeƱalador
    The last bookmarking tool you will use. check it out
  • XKCD WebComic Iterator
    XKCD web comic strip iterator with email service. check it out
  • faw_icon
    Minimalistic ruby gem that exposes a tag helper for Font Awesome icon sets. check it out
  • pdfSlider
    a jquery plugin for sliding pdf files and other content as well.check it out
  • aw-trix_rails
    A gem that wraps trix editor for Rails assets pipeline.check it out
  • Alexandra Hasekidi
    One of my first websites for a dear friend and amazing artist, a portfolio showcasing all work from Alexandra.check it out

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You can also contact me by email at email@alex-web.gr.

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